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As of last November, I started a front end online course, covering some HTML & CSS, which I already knew about, but mostly JavaScript and jQuery, which were completely new to me.

The initial drills on individual topics were kind of painful to wade through, but slowly, things started coming together and my excitement grew as projects become more real-life (and complex).

One of the challenges I had to do during my course was building a quiz app in vanilla JavaScript, using state management.

As I am plunging ever deeper into geekdom, I couldn’t think of any topic of general interest, so I decided to make a quiz on the one subject I’m immersed into: WordPress.

More specifically, our Theme Shop, with a vague idea in mind that one day, it might serve some actual purpose.

Turns out, this is the day

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Please let me know what you think -> bug reports welcome 😎

The prequel a.k.a. the story behind the story

I thought, maybe a little background about yours truly 🙂

I was a freelance translator for English and French, but I got desperately bored with it.

So, I decided to awake my sleeping engineering spirit and took a course on Web development.

I must admit I was equally excited and terrified about it. Terrified because I do have a love-hate track record of my relationships with computers (I am looking at you, 386).


The course exceeded all my expectations, so I started applying for IT positions.

I was lucky enough to get a friendly response from Primoz pretty early on. In March 2016, I  started working at ProteusThemes as a support engineer, which kickstarted me into the realm of WordPress. As you can see, I continue to learn about code and web development in general.

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About the Author
My first encounter with WordPress was through blogging. I fell in love with it, and every aspect of the online world. That's when I started learning about web development, and I haven’t stopped since. Offline, I’m a swing dancer and amateur painter.