Impress with the Powerful  Look and Feel, Using Beautiful and Functional Widgets

We have analyzed over 50 successful websites for trucking, logistic and cargo services, the perfect mix of design and functionality that will fit your client's needs. Choose from a variety of pre-built widgets that are easy to edit and very customizable for you as the developer, while simple to use for the website visitors.


Choose Different Headers

Use the beautiful classic header or unique 3 column hero area to showcase the main services at the same time. You can also change the background color to match your clients branding colors and match it to a light or dark logotype.

Header Customization

Sticky Menu


Enable Quicker Navigation

Traditionally, users must scroll back to the top of the website to use the navigation menu. By enabling the sticky menu, they will be able to navigate through the website and access contact information faster.


Make it Easy to Contact

Business owners find it very important that their contact information is highly visible, so the website visitors can quickly get in touch. You can show the business number with a conventient button that automatically calls if the visitor is browsing the website on a phone.

Call to Action Contact Widgets

Impress Your Client by Showing them a Live Website with Their Branding

Use the Bolts Transport theme demo to quickly upload your client’s logo, change the primary colors, and switch the slider image. This will enable your client to interact with their potential website, and help you close the deal.

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Services and widgets


Showcase All Services and Vehicles in One Place

The portofolio widget allows you to group vehicles into different categories and present them in a clean, easy to understand, and interactive way. You can insert images, prices, and the location. You can also add a special title in a blue box for any important information that you want to highlight.


Introduce the Transportation Team

Knowing who takes care of the logicstics, planning, organisation, and driving is important because it builds trust. You can add employees personal image, name, title, description and even highlighted links for certificates or social media profiles.

Person Profile Widget

Job Opening Widget


Hire New Employees for Bigger Transporatation Projects

Easily create a list of different job openings with a visible position title, contact details and a description.
You can also add an extra ‘read more’ section for additional text.

Make Special Announcements

Use the full-width banner to show any important business information. It is fully responsive and customizable to fit your clients website. It also has a dark background which is most suitable for any message that needs to stand out.

Call to Action full Width Ad Banner

Simple Accordion Widget


Answer Transportation Questions

The accordion widget allows you to create a simple and clean F.A.Q. box which presents a unique opportunity to directly address concerns and remove obstacles in order to make a delivery order.

Form a Personal Connection

Using this widget you will be able to beautifully show the business owners powerful message that builds trust for their customers. You can also insert a background image and his signature to make it even more personal.

Promise Page Builder Widget

Opening Time Widgets


Inform About Working Hours

Help the website visitors know when is the right time to schedule a meeting for their next transportation project.


Help with Downloadable Files

Business owners usually offer help documents with detailed information about transportation. Simply upload any of your clients documents and enable visitors to download it.

Brochure Box Widget

Contact 7 Widget


Create Visible & Easy to Contact Forms

An easy and fast way to let website visitors contact the business owner directly from the website. You can also add more fields to get interesting information from the visitors (like when do they need the transport, what are their transportation requirements...). If there are more transportation project leaders, you can also set up a contact form for each one of them.


Add a Well-Organized Footer

Sometimes website visitors quickly glance over the websites content and land at the bottom of the page. An extra footer section makes it even easier for visitors to get in touch.

Contact Widget in Footer Section


Sell Products in a Beautiful and Easy to Navigate Store

If your client is selling any type of physical products, you can simply integrate the WooCommerce plugin into the Bolts transporatation WordPress theme, and start using the store without having to spend days designing it from scratch.

WooCommerce Online Shop

Readable Blog Posts and Latest News


Share Articles on a Readable and Well-Structured Blog

The blog design follows all the readability standards, making sure the content is easy to read and presented in an understandable way. It also makes navigating between articles and categories simple.

Present the Theme to Your Client in a Discrete Way

Clients who need a website, usually want a really good preview of how everything will look like. Download a free PhotoShop file with the complete theme design then change it to match your clients' brand. This way it will be easier for you to convince the client, without showing the price.

Download Free .psd

Free PSD file


Everything You Will Get with the Bolts Transport WP Theme


   Responsive design

   Cross-browser compatibility

   SEO optimization

   High-Quality code

   Fast loading speed

   Advanced security

   Drag & Drop PageBuilder by SiteOrigin

   Pre-built layouts

   3rd party widget integration

   Translation in 14 languages

   Professional support team

   30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Responsive Construction WordPress Theme

Impress Your Client by Showing them a Live Website with Their Branding

Use the Bolts Transport theme demo to quickly upload your client’s logo, change the primary colors, and switch the slider image. This will enable your client to interact with their potential website, and help you close the deal.

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Ahmad Awais

“Incredibly thought-out and well-researched niche products.”

ProteusThemes produces incredibly thought-out and well-researched niche products. These products are inherently intuitive and are meant to help you achieve one single goal as compared to the bloatware. Not only do I use their products myself but I have recommended them to my friends as well. Moreover, the team behind ProteusThemes is very friendly and they know the craft pretty well. For these reasons and more, I recommend PT.


Ahmad Awais

It’s time for you to join 30,292 Happy Web Design & Marketing Agencies

and start delivering better websites that will satisfy all of your clients’ needs.

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Money back guarantee

Your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you or your client don’t like the theme, or if the powerful one-click-demo import, website builder, or any other functionality doesn’t work, just get in touch with our friendly support team and we will either help you solve anything you need or we will politely refund all your money back within 30 days after your purchase.


Setup Your Themes in Minutes

Use our One Click Demo ImportTM that will automatically configure everything and replicate the exact look of the entire theme demo on your WordPress admin, so you simply start editing and customising from a fully designed theme.

"So many hours saved. Thanks!"

Usually, it takes some time to properly setup and configure any theme especially if the theme has lots of options. One-click demo import is a great solution to improve a theme’s configuration process, reducing greatly the time necessary to put a WordPress site in good shape. So many hours saved. Thanks!

Marcio Duarte Marcio Duarte
Quick setup

Easy Setup

Have a website up and running in just a few minutes.

Same look as demo page

Get the Exact Demo Look

Unlike some premium themes we guarantee that you will get the exact look as our theme demo.

Start editing Edi ting

Start from a Premade Layout

Why design from scratch? Get the exact same look as the demo and start from there.

One Click Demo Import Plugin for WordPress

animation of page builder


Build Faster with Easy to Use Page Builder

The powerful yet simple to use PageBuilder by SiteOrigin doesn’t bloat your front-end nor back-end. This makes it very stable, fast and enjoyable to work with. No programming skills required.

Visual Composer Editing Plugin

Currently Working With Visual Composer?

Great! Then you will enjoy Page Builder by SiteOrigin because it is very similar to Visual Composer but much more advanced. It’s cleaner, smoother and more precise. And, most important, is the fact that it is way faster.

Drag and drop widgets

Simply Drag & Drop

Every widget and content block can be easily moved around to create the perfect look.


Customize Everything

Any element that you see on the website can be completely changed to fit your client’s needs.

Easy to update

Even Your Client Can do it

Sometimes clients want to make small edits to their website, and they will be delighted that it’s so easy.

Try the PageBuilder on a Live Demo for Free

Look at the back-end, use the real-time editor, and see for yourself how easy and fast it is to build a website using our Page Builder.

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Choose From 40+ Beautiful and Functional Premade Widgets

Add any of our 26 pre-built ProteusThemes multipurpose widgets that are easy to edit and allow a wide range of customization options. You can also choose from a wide variety of WordPress and Siteorigin widgets.

“It is so nice to work with it and see the wonderful end result.”

Very flexible, easy to customise and with plenty of widgets. It is so nice to work with editor and see the wonderful end result. Thank you so much for amazing support and quick responses. Cannot recommend highly enough!

Cody Ripley Cody Ripley

Custom Theme Widgets

Business info

Present the Entire Business

Beautifully showcase your clients’s services, the team, location and every other basic info.

Contact info

Highlight Important Information

Make contact information, opening times and other key info stand out and be instantly visible.

Niche widgets

Increase Conversions

Use specific widgets designed to convert and help your client get more leads and sales.

Live Theme Editor


Edit in Real Time

Use the Live Editor feature to see every change in a live preview when adding, editing, moving, and resizing content. This will make building websites even easier.


See How it Looks on Phone

All ProteusThemes are fully responsive and you can switch between desktop, mobile and tablet preview.

Preview and Edit for Mobile, Desktop and tablet

Restore and change Editing History


Reverse Any Mistake

In case you accidentally delete or change a certain element, you can jump forward and back through changes to undo it. Choose an event to see what the page looked like before at the live preview on the right, then just click on “Restore Version” to get it back.

Save Page Layouts

If you’ve designed a page you really like you can save it and reuse it on another page. You can also save our premade designs. To save your page click on Layouts > Import/Export > Download Layout.

Importing and Exporting Page Layouts

Copy and Paste Page Builder Rows and Widgets

Copy Widgets Across Page

You can copy any widget or row that already looks great on a specific page and paste it to another page. You can do so by right clicking on a widget or row and click Copy Widget/Row.


Customize with a Live Preview

We have added a wide range of extra options to the original WordPress Customizer which allows you to edit into greater detail and make changes to almost any element from one convenient dashboard.

“Excellent customizability and so easy to edit & understand. ”

Excellent customizability and so easy to edit & understand. Can honestly recommend ProteusThemes crew and their products!

Denis Stupar Denis Stupar

WordPress Live Color Customization

Upload logo

Upload the logo and retina logo for screens with high DPI.

Color picker

Change the color of any element you see on the page.

Hide contact info

Hide the contact info bar or keep it visible only on mobile.

Boxed wide

Switch the site layout to boxed or wide.

Match brand colors

Match the website to your clients brand in minutes.

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Create a free WordPress installation with any our theme, customize it and impress your client with a live website before you even make a purchase.

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Website Loads in Seconds

We’ve stripped away all the non-essential features used by slow multipurpose themes and made them way faster with clean, high-quality code. This also helps with Google’s ranking algorithm.

"I love that you don’t add anything extra that could slow down the site."

I’ve been doing this 20 years. These templates make my job a lot easier. Especially when they are well done and well supported. I love that you stay within wp standards without adding a lot of what we don’t need or what will slow the site down. Was very easy to modify and included all that was promised. Off to look at what you have to offer for another client. Keep up the good work!

Paul Gilbert Paul Gilbert

Desktop and Mobile Loading Speed

Tested with award winning benchmarks:


Google Page Speed Test GTMetrix  YSlowPingdom


Rank Higher on Google

All ProteusThemes products are approved by Google’s mobile-friendly test and are explicitly optimized for local SEO. This helps your websites reach people who are in the surrounding area and get more targeted traffic.

Local SEO Optimizing and Google Ranking a Theme

Responsive Theme Layouts


Looks Perfect on Every Device and Screen Size

Mobile visitors present more than half of total internet traffic. All ProteusThemes are responsive, mobile-friendly and designed to dynamically adjust to all devices and resolutions.


Built with Clean and High-Quality Code

ProteusThemes are built on HTML 5, CSS3 and follow the latest web standards. The code is clear, well-tested and executes quickly. This allows you to have a faster, safer and more bullet-proof website.

"I definitely recommend them!"

Incredibly fast themes, clean coded, wrapped with a sweet design. I definitely recommend them!!!

Georgios Chreiazomenos Georgios Chreiazomenos

Coded, Protected and Secured Themes

Theme Browser Compatibility


Behaves the Same on All Browsers

The code structure is cross-browser compatible which ensures that your websites will look and feel the same, regardless of which browser type or version the visitors are using.


Protected with Advanced Security

Your client’s website security plays a huge importance and we take it very seriously. ProteusThemes code has been reviewed and approved by security experts at ThemeForest and ThemeReview. It is also CloudFlare-proof, which offers extra server security. You can rest assured that you are safe from all types of online threats.

Reviewed & Approved by:

Security CloudFlareSecurity ThemeForest Theme Review Security

Themes Secure for Servers

Popular Theme Compatible Widgets and Plugins


Integrates with Popular 3rd Party Plugins

We regularly test and review plugins made by other developers, so they are compatible with all of our themes, allowing you to extend your WordPress experience even further.


Create an Online Store

Set up a fully functional and pre-designed store with WooCommerce.

Homepage slider

Make Beautiful Sliders

Use the SliderRevolution or LayerSlider to insert a video on your homepage.


Let Customers Book your Service

Enable appointments for clients that offer events or anything similar.


Translated into 14 Popular Languages

Once you pick your language, all the default content will be automatically translated. If your language is not listed, all themes are also localized and ready to be translated into any other language. We’ve prepared support articles to help you.

Translated and RTL Ready Themes

Try Any WordPress Theme for FREE

Create a free WordPress installation with any our theme, customize it and impress your client with a live website before you even make a purchase.

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Support By Expert Developers & Designers

Support You Can Count On

Every single working day, we are monitoring and answering your questions 8 hours a day. All questions get answered in less than 16 hours with continued, year-long average response time below 5 hours.

“Received excellent and lightning fast customer support!”

I purchased many WordPress themes from ProteusThemes and “Adrenaline” was one of the best purchases – its very clean and smooth working template. Nice to work with it. I made new web design for my travel/climbing club and this WordPress theme perfect fits to advertise this kind of business. After start working with WP theme got few questions and received excellent and lightning fast customer support!

Dainius Pilypas Dainius Pilypas

Best Theme Help and Support

WordPress Theme Support

Talk to Expert Developers

If you get stuck when building a website, our developers with years of experience are great at solving code problems, whether it’s a simple or complex issue. Found a bug? Let us know, and we’ll get right on it. Have a feature request? We like implementing great ideas!

"Support that has one goal: to help YOU!"

Excellent WordPress themes and support that has one goal: to help YOU!

Emmanuel Françoise Emmanuel Françoise

Receive Regular Updates

When WordPress, Woocommerce, PageBuilder and other different plugins are testing new beta features, we always prepare our WordPress themes in advance. This allows us to roll an update on the same day as their release, which will make your WordPress theme always compatible and work perfectly at all times. You will get notified about updates and be able to update the theme with one click.

"Very quick to setup and so easy to update."

Really great result. Very quick to setup and so easy to update. Very happy customer

Josh Strawczynski Josh Strawczynski

WordPress Theme Lifetime Updates

Theme Support Articles

Access the How-To Articles

We have written many articles for every WordPress theme, covering a wide range of questions or issues that have come up during the years. This means most of your questions are already answered, and you can save time from searching on Google.

Follow a Step-by-Step Guide

In case you are setting up a WordPress website for the first time, fear not. All WordPress themes have their own specific, in-depth theme documentation that will guide you through all the steps in a well explained and interactive way, backed up with videos and annotated screenshots.

“All I had to do was ask Proteus for help.”

I have sent requests to the support team for some pretty outlandish stuff, and they were always helpful. I had server issues causing the theme to not work properly, and all I had to do was ask Proteus for help. Awesome!!

Cody Ripley Cody Ripley

Theme Installation Guide

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Create a free WordPress installation with any our theme, customize it and impress your client with a live website before you even make a purchase.

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