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  •  New Theme Every Month
  •  Fast & Expert Support
  •  Easy to Use Page Builder
  •  One-Click Demo Content Import
  •  Regular Updates
  •  Broad Documentation
  •  1 Year InMotion Website Hosting

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  •  All WordPress Themes
  •  Unlimited Active Sites
  •  New Theme Every Month
  •  Fast & Expert Support
  •  Easy to Use Page Builder
  •  One-Click Demo Content Import
  •  Regular Updates
  •   Broad Documentation
  •  1 Year InMotion Website Hosting

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If you or your client don’t like the theme, or if the powerful one-click-demo import, website builder, or any other functionality doesn’t work, just get in touch with our friendly support team and we will either help you solve anything you need or we will politely refund all your money back within 30 days after your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions


Pricing questions

No. Because we focus on helping freelancers and agencies build websites for multiple clients long term, we let you try different themes without the high costs. Normally single licenses cost anywhere from $60-$99, but you can check if our themes fit your requirements for only $19.95.
All of your websites will stay up and running, but all of the updates and support will stop. You also won’t be able to build new websites until you extend the current membership or upgrade from ProteusClub Monthly to ProteusClub Yearly.
Yes. If your ProteusClub membership expires, you can always re-subscribe and get back access to all WordPress themes, support, and updates.
Yes, you can use each theme for an unlimited number of websites and an unlimited number of clients.
Depending on your billing country, you might need to pay taxes. For example, if you are located in Germany, the EU laws require us to collect 19% VAT which we pay to the German tax authorities. However, if you are making a purchase on behalf of a business with a valid VAT ID, you can enter it at the checkout window and the VAT will not be surcharged for you.
Both plans include new premium themes that will always be added for free to your ProteusClub membership as soon as they are released.
You are welcome to change your trial plan and upgrade to ProteusClub Yearly at any time saving $139 per year.

Page Builder questions

Yes. Simply contact us, let us know which theme you would like to try, and we will set up a private sandbox for you.
Great! Then you will enjoy Page Builder by Siteorigin because it is very similar to Visual Composer but much more advanced. It’s cleaner, smoother and more precise. And, most important, is the fact that it is way faster.
It’s the most advanced page builder on the market. It’s lightweight and doesn’t bloat your front-end nor back-end. You can easily edit with a drag & drop builder, and you are also able to see your changes in real time. It comes with 40+ widgets, including 20+ of our own pre-built ProteusThemes widgets with unique functionalities and beautiful design made specifically for each theme. This allows you to make customizations, insert content and still have the website always look nice.

Support questions

The average response time is only 3 hours and 40 minutes.
We are available from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 15:00 CET.
We have experienced developers who can solve almost every issue that’s connected with our themes. Sometimes we can’t solve issues on your side, but we can give good advice on how to fix it.
Yes, we do. Contact us and we’ll find the right solution for you.

Theme questions

You can find them on each specific theme presentation page, or by simply selecting your desired theme from this list of free PSD designs.
Multipurpose themes like Divi are built with many unnecessary features that can slow down your website and negatively impact SEO. You are also confronted with a huge number of different graphical elements which requires a lot of creativity to plan, structure, and match everything the right way. This can take a lot of your time and make it really difficult to make the final website look great. At ProteusThemes we develop our themes using only the essential features, which makes websites made with our themes very fast and optimized for SEO. To save your time, we have our in-house professional designers do the creative work for you, and design simple and clean themes which are ready to use for your new websites.
We’ve tested the speed with award winning benchmarks like Google PageSpeed, GTmetrix, and Pingdom. Our themes scored on average above 90/100 on Desktop and 88/100 on mobile. That’s faster than 99,87% of all WordPress Themes on the market.
When WordPress, WooCommerce, Page Builder by SiteOrigin and other different plugins are testing new beta features we always prepare our themes in advance. This allows us to roll an update on the same day as their release, which will make your theme always compatible and working perfectly at all times. You will get notified about updates and be able to easily update the theme with one click.

Got any extra question?

If there’s anything unclear or you have some concerns just
Ask Us Directly!  We're happy to help.


Both Plans Include All 10 High-Quality Themes

gym wordpress themeblog wordpress themeconsulting wordpress theme

medical wordpress themelaw firm wordpress theme

adrenaline wordpress themeconstruction wordpress theme

Construction wordpress themeTransport wordpress theme

Simple & Clean Design

Custom made niche widgets that show your clients business in a beautiful and functional way.

Easy Page Builder

Simply customize and drag & drop widgets to fit the clients brand. No coding required.

Fast Loading Speed

Developed only with essential features which make ProteusThemes websites one of the fastest on the market.

High-Quality Code

Built on HTML 5 and CSS3, following all the latest web standards. It’s clear, well-tested and executes quickly.

SEO Optimized

Approved by Google’s mobile-friendly test and optimized specifically for local SEO to get more website traffic.

Regular Updates

We release updates on the same day as WordPress which ensures your websites will always be compatible and work.

Unlimited Support From Expert Developers

11000 Solved tickets
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3h 31min Avg. response time
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100% Response rate
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9/10 Tickets get 5 stars
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What Freelancers and Agencies
Say About ProteusThemes

"So many hours saved. Thanks!"

Usually it takes some time to properly configure any theme and even more if the theme have lots of options. So far, there was no widely available solution to do this automatically. This plugin offers a great solution to improve a theme’s configuration process, reducing greatly the time necessary to put a WordPress site in good shape. So many hours saved. Thanks!


Marcio Duarte

"I love that you don’t add anything extra that could slow down the site."

I’ve been doing this 20 years. These templates make my job a lot easier. Especially when they are well done and well supported. I love that you stay within wp standards without adding a lot of what we don’t need or what will slow the site down. Was very easy to modify and included all that was promised. Off to look at what you have to offer for another client. Keep up the good work!


Paul Gilbert

Full Stack WordPress Developer & Designer

"Incredibly thought-out and well-researched niche products."

ProteusThemes produces incredibly thought-out and well-researched niche products. These products are inherently intuitive and are meant to help you achieve one single goal as compared to the bloatware. Not only do I use their products myself but I have recommended them to my friends as well. Moreover, the team behind ProteusThemes is very friendly and they know the craft pretty well. For these reasons and more, I recommend PT.


Ahmad Awais

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