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All payments are one-time only. There are no hidden recurring fees.

Can I continue to use your themes after one year?

Yes, you can continue to use the themes which you have downloaded. However, after one year you will not be eligible to receive any updates or support for these items. The theme itself will function perfectly normal.

What if I need support or updates after one year?

You can simply extend your support and updates for another year at 50% Off the original price. But only if you need it. We don’t want to charge you for anything you might not need.

Other FAQs

No, all our items and packages are bought for a single, one-time payment only. There are no hidden recurring fees or subscriptions.
You can pay easily and quickly with your credit or debit card. We also accept payment via Amazon, Paypal, and wire-transfer.
This all depends on what kind of package  you have:
  • With a single theme purchase, one active site at a time.
  • With Theme Club package, 2-5 active sites at a time.
  • With Elite Theme Club package, unlimited active sites.
Please read this article to find out exactly what we define as a site in this context.
We provide a no questions asked 30 day refund window. Please read the refund policy in full to find out more.
If you purchase a theme from our non-exclusive ThemeForest account, within 30 days you are able to deduct the price of that theme from a club membership package.
If you haven't found the answer to your question here, get in touch and we will be happy to help.

Reviews from some of our 27,286 customers

Alex Bartonek

This is the best WordPress design I have ever used. I’m not talking just design, I mean, the way the end-user (me) can edit it, its so well put together that I hope you guys have other themes I can use. I’ll keep purchasing from you guys. A++++ on this theme. Very well done!!!

Alex Bartonek
Fred Meyer

Purchased the “MedicPress” theme.
1. Immediately received a “thank you” email from the CEO. (Wow!)
2. Sadly, discovered that the WordPress site does not install custom themes. (Embarrassed.)
3. Requested a refund and immediately received it–no questions or hassles. (Impressed!)
This customer service is excellent!

Fred Meyer
Bryan Tiscareño

I don’t understand how anyone can rate this company less than 5 stars. Excellent themes, tools, staff, design. All of it.

(read this next line in it’s entirety) I have been messing with HTML and CSS since I was 12, but far from an expert. I am 25 now and thanks to these guys I did not have to put those skills to the test even once.
I have so many other things to do and worry about. I have to manage my time very carefully, as do you. I do not have the time to design a site, or want to spend the money to have someone else build my site for me and have them sustain it.

What was the solution? Proteus Themes.
Saved a bunch of time and money, and in business, it’s the same thing.
The theme I use is Auto. I built 75% of my site in one night and had fun doing it.
Thanks for the awesomeness guys.

Bryan Tiscareño
Craig Langstaff

I am rating this theme 5 star not just for how easy it is to edit for us none developers, as i had tried i few others but they were to fancy and come with to many complications and bugs. This theme is every thing you need for this type of business and more and the customer service was brilliant fast and effective and i really appreciated that as like i say I’m not a developer so i needed a little help. Thank You for the Theme and keep up the good work :)….

Craig Langstaff