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Convince Your Client with the Most Important Features

Whether it’s a car repair, bookkeeping, or a medical care business, they all want to present their services and products on a nice looking website that is easy to contact, loads fast, and has all the functionality they need. You can be rest assured that you will be able to provide everything your client wants to have on a website.

“Incredibly thought-out and well-researched niche products.”

ProteusThemes produces incredibly thought-out and well-researched niche products. These products are inherently intuitive and are meant to help you achieve one single goal as compared to the bloatware. Not only do I use their products myself but I have recommended them to my friends as well.

Ahmad Awais Ahmad Awais

WordPress themes widgets and functionalities

Beautiful Design

Impress with a clean, simple, and most importantly, UX friendly look & feel.

Niche Functionality

Fit your client’s specific business requirements with 40+ unique widgets.

Fast Loading Speed

Make the website visitors happy and increase conversions.

Local SEO Optimisation

Reach people in the surrounding area and get more targeted traffic.

Try Any WordPress Theme for FREE

Create a free WordPress installation with any our theme, customize it and impress your client with a live website before you even make a purchase.

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Build Websites Faster and Easier

The PageBuilder by SiteOrigin is one of the most advanced page builders on the market. It’s lightweight and doesn’t bloat your front-end nor back-end. It comes with 40+ widgets, including 20+ of our own pre-built ProteusThemes widgets with unique functionalities and beautiful design. Since clients normally want their new website as soon as possible , you will now be able to deliver it much faster, and because of that, charge more for your service.

"The theme is super-easy to use and very adjustable."

I did my first WordPress page with Bolts by ProteusThemes and honestly, I couldn't have chosen a better WP theme to start with. Without any coding or help from devs, I created a corporate site in less than a week. The theme is super-easy to use and very adjustable.

Maja Voje Maja Voje

Install with One Click

Use One Click Demo Import ™ to setup any WordPress theme in just a few minutes.

Start with Demo Design

Why design from strach? Get the exact same look as the demo and start from there.

Easily Insert Content

Change the primary colors, use your client’s logo, and upload their pictures to get the website ready.

Simply Drag & Drop

Move, scale and reorder any widget and content element to make the final look perfect for your client.


Impress with Very Fast Loading Speed

People like fast websites. We’ve stripped away all the non-essential features used by bloated and slow multipurpose themes to optimize your website performance. This also helps with Google’s ranking algorithm.

“I never found a WordPress theme so well built as one of yours.”

I never found a WordPress theme so well built as one of yours. I don't know how you achieved it, but they are really fast. Literally 50% faster than all the other WordPress themes I tried. All changes in the backend, when I refresh page everything goes smoothly. It's perfect for me.

Miha Hribar Miha Hribar

Desktop and Mobile Loading Speed

Google PageSpeed TestThe test was made with the Google PageSpeed tool. Our WordPress themes perform better than 99,8% of randomly chosen WordPress themes.

Outrank Your Competition with our WordPress Themes - seo friendly


Rank Higher on Google

All WordPress themes made by ProteusThemes are approved by Google’s mobile-friendly test and explicitly optimized for local SEO. This helps your websites reach people who are in the surrounding area and get more targeted traffic.


Talk to Expert Support

Every single working day, we are monitoring and answering your questions 8 hours a day. All questions get answered in less than 16 hours with continued, year-long average response time below 5 hours. Our developers with years of experience are great at solving any code problems.

20032 Solved tickets
3h 32min Avg. response time
100% Response rate
9/10 Tickets get 5 stars

Best Theme Help and Support

MedicPress Lite
MedicPress Lite
MedicPress Lite
MedicPress Lite
MedicPress Lite
MedicPress Lite
MedicPress Lite
MedicPress Lite
MedicPress Lite
MedicPress Lite
MedicPress Lite
MedicPress Lite
MedicPress Lite
MedicPress Lite
MedicPress Lite
MedicPress Lite
MedicPress Lite
MedicPress Lite
MedicPress Lite
MedicPress Lite
MedicPress Lite


Get New WordPress Themes

All ProteusClub members will receive a new niche WordPress theme with a fresh & unique look when released. We decide what theme to build next based on client needs, popular market demand, and your ideas.

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