Get More Sales Using a Stand-alone Sales Page

Free from navigation bars, and designed for one specific goal - convert visitors into subscribers or customers.


Convert Where it Matters Most

Every element on the pricing page is important, because it’s the last step in a conversion funnel. We’ve combined key takeaways from A/B testing our own pricing page and insights from the analysis report of 250 pricing pages from successful companies.

Include proven techniques that will increase conversions:

• Highlight the most valuable package
• List plan features that are easy to compare
• Describe the ideal customer under the package name
• Add extra pricing table for special offers

Custom Pricing Widgets


Add Widgets Designed to Increase Conversions

We’ve interviewed marketing experts and listened to our customers' wishes in order to develop the perfect blend of modern design trends and proven digital marketing techniques that convert.


Present the Entire Business Directly

Video is a great way to present the business fast and clear. You can easily insert it straight into the header. You can also control the viewing experience by choosing manual play (visitor has to click the button), or playing the video automatically when they come on the website.

Video Slider Pop-up

Call to Action Section


Make it Fast and Easy to Contact

Business owners find it very important that their contact information is instantly visible. You can insert the business number that automatically calls if the visitor is browsing the website on a phone, or add a link to a signup form or a sales page. This allows visitors to quickly get in touch, which can generate more sales.


Get More Subscribers

We’ve designed several lead generator forms for optimal conversions.

Choose from the following types:

• Profile picture which increases familiarity, and builds trust
• Countdown timer that motivates with element of urgency
• Classic style with custom element, such as social proof
• Sidebar form is known for biggest conversions

You can also add more signup fields. We recommend a maximum of two fields (name and email) for best results.

Lead Generation and Subscribe Form

Guarantee Badge


Create a Risk-free Buying Environment

Even when visitors are already emotionally and logically ready to buy, they don’t want to make a mistake. That’s why it’s important to show ‘reasons to believe’ at key moments. A moneyback guarantee may be the final reason they need in order to buy.


Announce Special Deals

Use the full-width banner to show any business announcements, special deals or events to generate leads or increase sales. It is fully responsive and customizable to fit your clients website.

Customizable Announcement Bar Widget

Custom Testimonials Widget


Boost the Company Credibility

Use testimonials to highlight the types of people that are buying the products, and the various locations they are coming from. Using them will also add an emotional layer and trigger ‘herd behaviour’ (if everyone is doing it, maybe I will also do it). Social proof will definitely help increase conversions.


Address Different Sales Objections

Nothing is more dangerous than letting sales objections go unaddressed at the final steps of buying. Use the accordion widget to address any customers objections, change their mind, remove any concerns and help them decide to buy.

Dropdown FAQ Accordion


Build Trust by Showing the Personal Side of Business

By showing there are real people behind the business you make people like you, and establish a sense of trust. This is essential for selling anything online, and will highly increase overall conversions.

Person Profiles Multifunctional Widget

Font Combinations in GrowthPress


Make the Sales Copy Easier to Read

Fonts and readability also have an impact on conversions. We chose the font Poppins that’s clear and makes the headlines easy to scan, while Bullet-proof Roboto makes body text easier to read. This will also help the visitors stay on the website longer, which helps with SEO.


Highlight Important Information

Use the icon box widget to make contact information instantly visible, and highlight other important info such as value propositions, benefits or reasons to believe. You can also create links to other pages.

Icon box Widget

100 Custom and Customizable SEO and Marketing Icons


Simplify Messages with 100+ Icons

Choose from more than hundered of designed icons that will instantly deliver business messages in a clear way.


Create Visible & Easy to Contact Forms

An easy and fast way to let website visitors contact directly from the website. You can also add more fields to get interesting information from the visitors (like what is their biggest problem right now). If there are more project leaders you can also setup a contact form for each one of them.

Contact 7 Form

Theme Footer with Widget Columns


Add a Well-Organized Footer

Group links of sub-websites into smaller sections for better site navigation. You can also include social media links, and contact information to enable visitors to get in contact faster, and increase the chances of getting a lead.


Engage Visitors to Start Reading with Eye-Catching Cards

The blog also provides easy navigation because of a clear article overview, the big search bar, and a list of categories.
You can add a lead generation form at the bottom to convert readers into subscribers.

Search Bar for Blog Posts

Theme Blog Posts and News Pages


Convert Readers Into Subscribers

Content is a great way to capture readers because they are engaged and easier to convert. We’ve optimized the article based on the most successful blogs.

Include proven techniques that will increase conversions:

• Generate leads with the sidebar form which is considered to be the best position for highest conversions
• Introduce the author in the sidebar for the personal touch to build trust
• The authors' pictures below the headline helps with recognition
• Automatically calculated time to read feature increases engagement and motivates visitors to start reading articles
• It follows all the readability standards making it easier to read, which increase time on site - a metric known to improve SEO ranking significantly

Free PSD file

Present the Theme to Your Client in a Discrete Way

Clients who need a website, usually want a really good preview of how everything will look like. Download a free PhotoShop file with the complete theme design then change it to match your clients' brand. This way it will be easier for you to convince the client, without showing the price.
Download Free .psd


Everything You Will Get with the GrowthPress WP Theme

 Responsive design
 Cross-browser compatibility
 SEO optimization
 High-Quality code
 Fast loading speed
 Advanced security
 Drag & Drop PageBuilder by SiteOrigin
 Pre-built layouts
 3rd party widget integration
 Translation in 14 languages
 Professional support team
 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

WordPress Theme Responsive Layouts


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