4 Steps to Create Facebook Ads That Generate Sales and Engagement

facebook ads for sales and engagement

“If you build it, they will come” may have worked for Kevin Costner in the movie Field of Dreams, but in the real world of digital marketing, it’s a recipe for failure. Building a website is only half the equation to generate leads and sales.

The other half is driving relevant, targeted traffic to your website.

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WordPress Freelancer: Payment Problems

Freelance payment problems

Whether it is down to your client’s inefficient systems, or if they are deliberately withholding your money, late payment is an issue that just about every freelancer will encounter. Being the little guy is tough, especially when it comes to getting what you are owed by a larger company.

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WordPress Freelancer: How Much Should I Charge?

How much should i charge

After running our survey over the past couple of months we confirmed our belief that many of our customers are freelance developers. And one thing that we know is always difficult as a freelancer is deciding how much to charge your client.

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