Consent to process your personal data

The company ProteusThemes d.o.o., Tehnološki park 19, 1000 Ljubljana, e-mail address: [email protected] will be, based on your consent, the Controller, Processor or User of your personal data and will process (use) your e-mail address (in following »personal data«) for the purpose of notifying you of information and commercial offers about ProteusThemes.

The Controller will, based on your consent, process your personal data exclusively for the purpose for which you have provided your consent and will not transmit it to any third person.

The Controller will process and store your personal data until you withdraw your consent.

You can withdraw your consent free of any expenses at any time:

  • by sending a notification of withdrawal at the e-mail address of the Controller [email protected], or
  • by clicking the »withdrawal of consent for receiving notifications«, which will be included in every notification of information and commercial offers about ProteusThemes., or
  • by filing you request via form (request – form), or
  • orally on the record at the Controller, at their registered place of business at address Tehnološki park 19, 1000 Ljubljana.

Withdrawal of your consent does not have any effect on the lawfulness of the processing of your personal data between the dates of submission and withdrawal of your consent.

After receiving your withdrawal of consent, the Controller will stop processing and delete your personal data.

The Controller assures you the execution of your rights related to the processing of your personal data as stated in Part 2 below.