Why We Do What We Do?

Most WordPress themes available today are multi-purpose, trying to be everything for everyone. This makes them slower, harder to work with, and you normally have to invest a lot of energy to learn how to use them. You also have to design every page from scratch before the final website looks good and this is a very time-consuming process. Why buy a theme if you have to do all the heavy lifting yourself at the end?
Our philosophy is the exact opposite. We strive for simplicity, thoughtful niche designs, and essential features small business owners really care about.

We are on a mission to help you deliver beautiful and powerful websites faster.

We craft WordPress Themes

Niche Theme Makers

How We Work?

We’ve spent over 5 years perfecting our theme development and design process. It helped us make themes that power over 77.000 websites.

  1. Research popular niches with a big demand for new websites
  2. Analyze successful websites and select only the best features
  3. Interview business owners to understand their main goals

All the valuable insights we collect enable us to develop & design timeless themes with all the essential functionalities that your clients really want on their business websites. This gives you the power to be always ready and impress your new clients with the perfect website which will bring them success online. It will make a strong long-term relationship with you, and they will recommend your services to others as well.

Our Values

Customer oriented


Work smarter

Work smarter not harder

Response rate


Excellence ticket

Quality over quantity

Real People. Always Happy to Help.

We are a small team that’s been together for 5 years. We have high respect for each other, and work in a very friendly, relaxed atmosphere. This allows us to be very productive and through our work we support you to excel every day working with your clients and their WordPress websites. We throw hackathons, spend time together out of the office at the team buildings, and support the local WordPress community by organizing meetups.

Proteus Team

Primož Cigler, ceo

Primož Cigler

Full Stack Developer & Co-founder

Since I built my first website in primary school, I’ve had a strong passion for web development. When not visiting conferences, giving talks or organizing local development related events, I focus on fast and highly optimized online solutions. I’m a windsurfer, snowboarder and beer lover in my leisure time.

Jaka Šmid, Designer

Jaka Šmid

UI/UX Designer & Co-founder

It all started almost a decade ago when I got my first book about HTML. I instantly fell in love with the web, but I soon realized that with basic HTML it’s not possible to provide a great user experience. So, I started to learn some advanced UI/UX techniques. Now I’m a designer way beyond just being a pixel pusher. If I’m not working, you are going to find me at the gym.

Marko Prelec, Front-end programmer

Marko Prelec

Front-end Developer

I started working on the web in primary school. Since then, I have accumulated a lot of experience and always strive to write simple and efficient code. When I am not coding, you will find me in nature or sit comfortably in front of a good movie.

Gregor Capuder, back-end programmer

Gregor Capuder

Back-end Developer

I always knew I’d be a web developer. I’m so eager to keep learning new things and to contribute as much as possible to this excellent team. In my spare time, you will most probably see me on a football pitch.

Peter Premužič

Peter Premužič

Marketer & Systemizer

I view humans and businesses as a big, complex system, and know that as with any system, all parts are interrelated. I love to analyze these connections, organize them into a simple form, and constantly upgrade everything to make it more effective. Slacklining, ecstatic dancing, and meditation help me stay focused.

michael davis

Michael Davis

Happiness Engineer

I’ve always been a big tech nerd growing up, so I was naturally drawn to Information Technology and Web development at a very early age. I started building sites with WordPress in High-school and University. I then pursued a career in WordPress support and I’ve been in love with it from day one. When I’m not assisting customers, I like playing video games on my ps4, watching movies and of course going to the pool or beach.

Founders of ProteusThemes Primož and Jaka

ProteusThemes Office Monster

How It All Started

ProteusThemes started in summer 2012, as an idea of two freelancers – Primož (the developer) and Jaka (the designer).

Before co-founding ProteusThemes, Primož was building WordPress websites for clients. His biggest issue was that most of the themes available were badly coded, not suitable for business websites, painfully slow, and hard to work with. At the same time, his clients wanted to have a good looking website – as soon as possible.

To make his work easier and deliver websites clients wanted – he decided to develop his own theme. He joined forces with Jaka, the lead designer. In early 2013 they launched their first theme called HairPress on the ThemeForest marketplace. It quickly became a huge success.

Since then, ProteusThemes have launched their own store and keeps on growing.


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Words from the CEO

WordPress currently powers 27% of the internet and the number of businesses who need a website keeps growing. We are following this trend and developing new ways that will make your website building process easier, faster, and better.

Primož Cigler

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