Add image carousel in the WordPress theme

I will not lie: we are not really big fans of classic carousels here at ProteusThemes and with a good reason -> If you still want to use logo, client or image carousel on your website after that little rant, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Even if we don’t include widget or shortcode for carousel, you can still use it with the suitable plugin. We strictly follow WordPress coding standards, so all the plugins following these standards, will work perfectly with all our themes.

We have tested a few image carousel plugins and I would recommend Logo Carousel by Sleepless Developers. Once the plugin is activated, you will get new custom post type named Logos and there you can upload any image or logo you want. Add them to your new carousel (category) and show the carousel on your site with the given shortcode. You can also check installation guide on the plugin’s page.