Blurred slider images on IE10 and IE11

In some cases, you will get blurred images on IE10 and IE11. The reason is that those browser doesn’t support CSS featured object-fit.

You can solve this problem with adding this code in the customizer -> Theme Options -> Custom Code.

jQuery( window ).load(function() {
 jQuery( '.carousel-item.js-object-fit-fallback.compat-object-fit' ).each( function() {
  var $item = jQuery( this );
  var bgImg = $item.css( 'backgroundImage' );
  var newBgImg = bgImg.replace( /-\d{1,4}x\d{1,4}(?=\.(jpe?g|png|gif))/i, '' );

  $item.css('backgroundImage', newBgImg);
 } );