How to change “View Project” and “All Projects” texts in Essential Grid

Both of these phrases can be found in the Essential Grid plugin settings.

Change “View Project” text:

Go to Ess. Grid -> Edit skin.

This will bring you to the BuildPress Item Skin and you will be able to change the text by clicking the “View Project” button on the right and changing the text that will display on the left. Don’t forget to save the skin in the top right corner.

Ess grid - change view project text

Change “All Projects” text:

Go to Ess. Grid -> Settings (for the grid that you want to change the text for).

Click on the Nav-Filter-Sort tab and scroll down till you see Filter Groups on the left, there you will see the Filter “All” Text label and the All Projects text. Don’t forget to save the settings in the top right corner (green disk icon).