Font Awesome 5 causing problems

All of our themes are using Font Awesome (FA) version 4.7, except for the latest theme WoonderShop, which is using version 5.x.

Since the FA 5.x is a major version and it introduces a few changes, it means, that it will not play nicely with existing FA version 4.7 installed in your WP site.

So, if you add the FA 5.x to your site, be it with custom code or with a plugin, then some of the icons might not work anymore. Even though the icon names might be the same, the new FA 5.x needs additional class for social icons: `fab` and the general `fa` class is also overwritten with new FA font-family.

In order for the FA icons to work OK in our themes with FA version 4.7, is to not include the FA version 5.x to your site and instead use one of the 675 icons from FA 4.7:


Why don’t we update to FA 5.x in our themes?

Because the FA 5.x has released when all of our themes were already selling, except for the WoonderShop theme. So, if we were to update to FA 5.x and our existing customers would update the theme, the update might break the icons. FA version 5.x and 4.7 icon names are not 100% the same + some of the icons were renamed or also removed… That’s why we decided to keep the FA 4.7 on those themes and use FA 5.x for WoonderShop and all future new themes.


If you have issues with Font Awesome icons, when you edited the style.css file of the theme, then please read this help article.