How to remove X images from Shaka

The XXXX design appears in several places throughout the Shaka themes. As much as we personally like it, we are aware that for many of you, it does not fit into your website concept (or that of your client), so here’s a break-down of all the cases:

1. In the Page Header area and in the Footer area:

Insert the following CSS code in Customizer -> Additional CSS:

.page-header:after {
  background-image: none;

.footer:after {
  background-image: none; 

2.  About us area:

If you imported the demo data, you will get this pattern in the About us area on the home page.

Edit 2 rows below the Portfolio grid row and remove the contents of CSS styles field under Attributes tab.

This is one of the many parts that can be customized with CSS. To learn how to make other CSS customizations, visit our help article How to customize your WordPress site with CSS.