How to setup automatic theme updates

The automatic theme updates setup depends on where you bought our theme. There are two possibilities, either you bought our theme on our ProteusThemes shop or you bought it on ThemeForest. Please follow the instructions for:

Automatic updates from ProteusThemes shop

If you bought the theme on our ProteusThemes shop, you can register the theme and receive automatic updates. Go to Appearance » Theme License, input your license key for your theme, save the settings and click on the Activate License button. This will register your copy of the theme and you will get update notifications in Appearance » Themes or Dashboard » Updates, when they will be available.

How do you get the license key?Login to your account and click on View Details and Downloads, there is a section called “License Keys:” and you can copy the appropriate license key for your theme.

That’s it! Automatic theme updates are set! You will receive the theme update notification, once an update will be available. You will be able to update the theme with a click of a button.

Automatic updates from ThemeForest

If you bought the theme from ThemeForest, then you can setup automatic updates with the Envato Market plugin.

This plugin will inform you when a new version of the theme is available on Themeforest and you can then update it with a click of a button.

First make sure that the Envato Market plugin is installed and activated. You can download it from here. Once the plugin is ready, you can click on Envato Market in the WP menu.

There are two variations on how to setup this plugin. You can set the Global OAuth Personal Token or you can set the Single Use OAuth Personal Token. The difference is that in Single Token you can setup updates for a single theme, but in Global setup, you will be able to update/install all your themes you purchased on themeforest.

For easier setup, we will use the Global OAuth Personal Token. You just need to click on the generate a personal token link, which will take you to the envato page, where you will need to login and generate the token:

Create Token on Envato

Then copy the generated token and paste it in the plugin settings.

Once you save the token, you will see a list of all themes that you purchased on themeforest. If there is an update for your theme it will look like this:

Update Available

To update the theme just click on Update Available and the theme will update to the latest version.

That’s it. You will now receive automatic update notifications.

A more detailed description of the Envato Market setup can be found in this blog post.