How to setup automatic theme updates

The automatic theme updates setup varies slightly, depending on where you bought our theme. There are two possibilities, either you bought our theme on our ProteusThemes shop or you bought it on ThemeForest. The differences are in the registration codes you need to register the theme. Our shop is using a license code, while the ThemeForest has the theme purchase code.

Register your theme to receive automatic updates

All you have to do is register your theme, by going to Appearance » Theme Registration and follow the instructions on the page.

As long as you have the theme registered, you will receive automatic updates.

That’s it! Automatic theme updates are set! You will receive the theme update notification, once an update will be available. You will be able to update the theme with a click of a button.

If the current version of the theme does not have the Appearance » Theme Registration page, then you need to first manually update to the latest version and then setup the automatic updates.