Deactivate or remove license key from the theme

There are two ways to deactivate a license key from the theme (WordPress site). The first one is possible only, if your WordPress site is still available online. The other way is to deactivate the site from your customer dashboard and should be used, if your WP site is no longer available online (the site was deleted).

Deactivate theme license on your site

I am using your theme on some old website, which I am planning to delete. Can I deactivate the license key and use the same theme on my new website?

The answer is yes! You can do that and it’s really simple. Go to your wp-admin -> Appearance -> Theme Registration and click on Deactivate. You can delete your old website and use the same theme and license key on your new website.

Remove or deactivate license key

It is your responsibility to deactivate the theme before you uninstall it. We do not offer support or updates for inactive themes and they are not in accordance with the license conditions.

Deactivate theme license in the customer dashboard

I want to use the license key on my new website, but it says, that it’s already in use on another site. This other site is my old WP site, which I already deleted. How can I register the theme on my new site?

If you were unable to deactivate the theme before you deleted your old WordPress site, you can deactivate the old site in the customer dashboard.

Log in and search for the license key you want to deactivate in the My Themes tab. Click on the Manage registered sites link next to the license key. This will open a popup, with the list of registered sites (URLs). Click on the Deactivate site link next to the site you want to deactivate. This will deactivate the site and you will be able to use the license key on your new WP site.

Manage registered sites link