Setup Grid Layout In Readable Theme Like

For the maximum flexibility, the front page of the Readable is put together using Page Builder and the custom widgets we’ve developed specifically for this Medium-like theme. You have two options to setup this front page when building your own website and below are the steps you should follow if you want the front page of your Readable theme looks like the front page of the demo.

Import Demo Content

If you import the demo content using our One Click Demo Import™ solution the front page will be imported and the Page Builder pre-configured. There is no extra work needed in this case.

However, sometimes you don’t want to import the demo content so there is an alternative.

Manually Setting Up Front Page

You can also manually setup the front page. Page Builder gives you all the flexibility here but if you want to start with the layout we’ve prepared in our demo, you can also import is only for this page.

  1. Install and activate all the plugins the theme recommends (including Page Builder)
  2. Create a new page and enter the Page Builder mode
  3. Click to the ‘Layouts’ at the top:
  4. Click to the Import/Export tab on the side:
  5. Upload and import this JSON file (right click, Save as …).

This will give you the same starting point as you can see on our Readable demo and you can further customize from this point regarding your needs.