Support rules

Support is very important to us, but there are some rules you need to follow. Please read this carefully before creating a new ticket!

  1. Read the documentation first.
    Many general questions can be answered by reading the documentation and help articles.
  2. URL address
    When you open a ticket, always provide the related URL address so we can see the problem. If you have a problem in the WordPress admin, we need your WP login as well. No online example – no support can be given.
  3. We only support our products.
    If there is a problem with another product (plugin), you have to contact the author of the product.
  4. Changes in the theme’s code.
    If you change the item’s code, please understand that we can not give support when you run into an issue that’s caused by the code changes.
  5. Included features
    When you are not sure if a feature is included, please ask us before you buy the theme (you can use the live chat widget on the bottom right of this page).
  6. We only support themes within the valid support period
    If your support has expired, you will be able to access this portal, but unable to open new requests.

Yes, we can help you with theme customization, but for a reasonable price. Learn more about our services.