Support rules

Providing support is very important to us, but there are some rules you need to follow. Please read this carefully before creating a new ticket!

  • Ask our AI-powered Live Chat
    Our AI-powered Live Chat — available at the bottom right of this page — is available to answer questions based on what’s our site already. It doesn’t get everything right, but it can help. We also monitor these chat sessions when we can.
  • Read the documentation first
    Many general questions can be answered by reading the documentation and help articles.
  • Provide a URL
    When you open a ticket, always provide a URL to a site or page with the problem so we can see the problem ourselves. If you have a problem in the WordPress admin pages, we need your WordPress login credentials as well. If you do not have an online example, we cannot give support.
  • We support only our products
    If there is a problem with another product, like a plugin, you have to contact the author of the product.
  • Ask us if a feature is included
    If you are not sure if a feature is included, please ask us before you buy the theme (you can use the live chat widget on the bottom right of this page) or, even better, you can try the theme before you buy for free.
  • We only support themes within the support period
    For single theme purchases, free support is provided for a period of 6 months from the date of purchase. Subscribers enjoy year-round support as part of their subscription package.

Covered Support:

  1. Installation Assistance: We’re here to guide you through the installation process of your purchased theme, ensuring a seamless setup on your WordPress website.
  2. Theme Functionality: Do you have questions about how to use specific features of our themes? We’re happy to provide assistance and walk you through the features to help you achieve your desired website layout and functionality.
  3. Bug Fixes: Have you encountered a bug or technical issue with your theme? Rest assured, our support team is dedicated to addressing and resolving any bugs that may arise.
  4. General Guidance: Whether it’s advice on theme customization, best practices for website optimization, or general WordPress-related inquiries, we’re here to offer our expertise and guidance.
  5. Compatibility Queries: Are you wondering if our themes are compatible with certain plugins or WordPress versions? Feel free to reach out and we’ll provide you with the information you need to ensure smooth integration.
  6. License issues: If you would like to transfer or retrieve a license code, reach out to us.

Not Covered by Support:

  1. Customization Requests: While we strive to offer guidance on theme customization, extensive custom development requests fall outside the scope of our support. However, we do offer customization services as part of our premium offerings.
  2. Third-Party Plugins: Support for third-party plugins or their integration with our themes is not included. However, we can offer general advice on plugin selection and compatibility.
  3. Server Configuration: Assistance with server setup, hosting configuration, or any issues related to your web hosting service is not covered under our support policy.
  4. Training and Tutorials: While we’re happy to provide guidance on theme usage, comprehensive training sessions or tutorials are not included. However, we do offer documentation and resources to aid in your learning process.
  5. Website Content Creation: Our support focuses on theme-related inquiries and technical assistance. Content creation, SEO strategy, and marketing consultation are not part of our support offerings.

You can learn more about our custom development services.