New API provider for weather data in weather widget

Our sports and outdoor oriented themes Adrenaline and Shaka come with the Weather Widget which shows the weather data.

Recently, the Dark Sky service, which we used to get the weather data, has announced that they are no longer accepting new signups. That means that for the existing users the API will keep working for some time, but our new theme buyers were not able to use the widget at all.

After some testing, we have found a good replacement API service and that’s OpenWeatherMap. On June 6, 2020, both before mentioned themes have been updated to a new version and new API service has been implemented there.

However, beware that after updating the theme you will have to create a new account on the OpenWeatherMap and copy/paste the API key to the widget settings. Other than this small manual step, everything else stays the same and widget will continue to work normally.

Lots of success with your outdoor business!