Introducing ProteusClub

We’re changing our pricing terms. New $19.95/mo and $99.95/yr plans are here.

We’re only a week away from releasing the We’ve made the biggest pricing change since opening our theme shop. We always strive to be transparent and open about big changes that are happening at ProteusThemes, so I want to talk about any doubts you might have in advance.

What’s Changing?

So far, you were able to buy from us:

  • a single license,
  • a Theme Club, which gave you access to all our themes and up to 5 active installations (support + automatic updates), and
  • an Elite Club, which is the same as Theme Club but without limitations on active installations.

All these plans were single time purchases, with an optional 50% discount renewals. We’re discontinuing all these plans.

Instead, we’re introducing a single plan, that will still include everything from above. It’s called ProteusClub and it will include all our premium products (the future includes plugins + SaaS platform) for a monthly and yearly subscriptions, without any limitations in terms of active installations and access to support.

The initial price of the ProteusClub will be $8.33 per month when billed yearly or $19.95 when billed month-to-month (+ tax, if applicable – depending on your billing country).

When Are the Changes Going Live?

Wednesday, July 12, 2017, around 10 AM GMT.

How Will That Affect Me As Your Current Customer?

You’ll be grandfathered and the licenses you’ve bought from us in the past will stay valid until the expiration date. We’ve been advertising the 50% discount for license renewals ‘till this new change and that’s what you will get. When your license expires, you will get a 50% discount code from us, which will allow you to extend your license.

There’s still time to buy our themes under current terms if you want to 😉

Why Are You Doing This?

Simplicity, easier onboarding, sustainability, and popularity. Let me explain.

Simplicity: the existing pricing is too complicated, it gives out too many options. The hardest one to grasp was our Theme Club, where we received many questions over live chat, regarding what does active installation means and how can they use all our themes within these restrictions.

Easier onboarding: now you can get access to all our themes and support for $19.95 a month, without any limitations. A month of time is enough for you to decide if we provide what you’re looking for. We’re confident we’ll exceed your expectations, so go ahead 😉

Sustainability: you bought a WordPress theme from a no-name theme provider on a marketplace and setup a website for your client on it. Everyone’s happy. 6 months pass by, you get a phone call from that client and they tell you that their website is broken. It turns out the new WordPress update broke it because the theme is not compatible. You go check the theme support and you figure out, that the theme is not updated anymore because the theme author lost interest.

Sounds familiar?

We don’t want that to happen to you and we want to be around for you for years to come. I’ve been writing about it in this help center article.

Popularity: most of our clients choose to go with the Theme Club because they setup more than one website using our themes. So what we did is, we made ProteusClub the only choice available without any previous restrictions. Alongside, there is a monthly subscription, which will be very interesting for people, who are not familiar with our themes and services yet, and they are not ready to commit to a yearly plan from the beginning.

How Will ProteusClub Be Better Than the Existing Pricing Policy?

If you’re here for the first time, it will be cheaper than ever ($19.95) to get the full ProteusThemes experience and decide if it’s worth it.

If you’re our existing user, with the automatic subscription, you will always have access to all our themes. No more tedious manual license renewals. We’ll be taking care of your WP sites with the automatic updates and instant access to support.

Lastly, I want to mention, that this was the last bigger change we’ve been working on our own website since the big launch. When the change lands, we’re back on track in releasing new themes, so you can expect us to release 1 new niche, high quality, unique theme per month. It will be automatically added to your ProteusClub as soon as it’s finished and ready for you to create something awesome with it.

That’s it, I couldn’t be more transparent than this.

We are excited to make a switch in a week, are you excited too? 🙂

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