Page builders are very popular now, and they are the way to go when creating a website! Over 89% of people who took the survey say that they use a page builder because it allows them to easily design, redesign, or develop a completely new look for a website with just few clicks.


You can find tons of different page builders, but we think the two main contenders are Page Builder and Visual Composer. It seems like most people are either Page Builder fans or Visual Composer gurus, and only a few people choose to use something completely different.


Although their main goal is the same, we still wanted to know why people choose to use Page Builder instead of Visual Composer or vice versa; is it because of features, ease of use, or familiarity?


If you don’t like either of these two popular page builders, you have an alternative.


With links:

Do you agree or disagree with the results? Which page builder would you choose?

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