Hi guys, Primoz here. And boy, I have wonderful news for you! It’s something I’ve been preparing for months and now I’m finally ready to make a big announcement!

In the coming March and April all clients of ours who are from UK/London will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with ProteusThemes. We always strive that our themes and customer service differs from the majority of the other theme makers. But this time we will go even further. We will do something no company designing WP themes has ever done before:

In March and April I will travel to London, UK and I will be available for 1-on-1 work with you in your offices on your next WordPress project with one of our themes!

Sounds cool? Keep reading! 🙂

If you are located in London or nearby (so I can reach your offices via public transportation), we can schedule an appointment between March 23 and April 17. I will visit your offices and help you with anything related to our themes. This will be very rare opportunity to work directly with the programmer who coded the theme you intend to use or you’re already using it. Here are some ideas on what we could be working on together. I can …

  • … suggest you the best theme to choose to fit your (or your customer’s) needs,
  • … answer any pre-purchase questions,
  • … help you install/customize any theme of ours,
  • … advise you how to quickly and seamlessly make advanced customizations, like change particular functionality or dramatically change look & feel or the WordPress theme,
  • … answer any development-related questions about ProteusThemes,
  • …take you behind the scenes of the ProteusThemes and share our development workflow,
  • [insert here your suggestion, I’m open for ideas 🙂 ].

“But, Primoz, why would you do that?”

I’m glad you asked. There are several reasons for this decision.

Firstly, I would really like to meet you! I want to get to know you, see where you work and how you work. I would like to know what’s your biggest problem when choosing, setting up, customizing WordPress sites with premium themes. I am an extremely curious person and will do anything to improve products so they will serve you even better in the future.

Secondly, I will be running our dev team remotely. I could hire a desk for a month in any of the available coworking spaces, but there are so many benefits of meeting you in person in your office.

Lastly, we’re going to WordCamp London on March 20 with my co-worker Marko, so I will only extend my stay in the city for a while.

Besides, travelling and meeting new people is so much fun! I love to travel and if this experiment turns out to be successful, I plan more trips like these in the future.

You see? I think I’ve got plenty of awesome reasons to take a plunge and make this happen!

“There must be a catch”

No catch, I promise. This is my deal for you: We work together on your new WP site. I will dedicate 2-4 hours of my working time to you personally. That means you’re getting about $300 worth of value for free. In return you can offer me a desk in your office, so I will be able to work through the rest of the day with my co-workers located in Slovenia.

If this sounds like a win-win deal to you, just shoot me an email to schedule an appointment during March 23 and April 11. Only 5 of 7 spots left, so grab yours now.

form closed

“I’m not interested in this right now, but I know someone else who will find this useful”

Great, you can do him a favor – I will really appreciate it if you can share a word about this project, I want to let as many people know about ProteusTrip – it would be really bad to miss an opportunity like this, right?

BIG BIG thank you for being awesome and help me spreading the word! See you soon in London. 😉

Primoz Cigler,
CEO of ProteusThemes

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