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When we released the WoonderShop, we make a promise to you that we will continue to improve the theme and we are still keeping that promise. In this update (1.6.) you will get a completely re-structured WordPress customizer for quicker and more logical navigation through the appearance options.

WordPress customizer was firstly introduced in 2012 when WordPress version 3.4 was released. Since then it is the starting point whether you want to change colors, fonts, widgets, or layouts of your WordPress site. The WordPress customizer is so powerful because of its live preview, where you can see how changes you made look like on your website, without modifying your production website.

new wordpress customizer
On the left, you can see the old customizer, and on the right, you can see the new re-organized one.

Create a free WoonderShop sandbox and see for yourself how easy is to navigate and change the appearance of WoonderShop theme in the brand new WordPress customizer.

BONUS: You might notice that the last WoonderShop update takes us a couple of weeks longer than usual. The reason behind is that we started working on the new, entirely different skin for WoonderShop theme. Here is a sneak peek of it.

sneak peek of jungle s

Stay tuned for more!

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