WoonderShop update 1.1

The launch of our newest WooCommerce theme WoonderShop has been amazing!

Thank you all for the positive feedback and great ideas.

Our plan is to keep upgrading WoonderShop with new functionalities that will enable more customization, and most importantly higher conversions that will help your store grow and make more money!

Sandbox now available

This means you can try WoonderShop for free WITHOUT any setup (no credit card required). And if you are planning to build the store for your client, it’s a great way to create a mockup and impress them.

Coupon form is now disabled at the checkout

Having a discount code on the checkout page is one of the biggest mistakes of e-commerce UX. It will distract people from finishing the purchase and make them second-guess the decision. Read this article for more information.

Translate the shop into multiple languages

If you are selling in different countries it’s now possible to translate every single word to a different language.

Breadcrumbs added to all pages

This will help shoppers navigate the store better.

We’ve also made a lot of mini user interface improvements that will make the overall shopping experience more enjoyable.

You can see the entire list of changes in the WoonderShop changelog.

Share Your Ideas!

We regularly implement feedback from our users. If you have any idea write to us via live chat or use the contact us form.

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I view humans and businesses as a big, complex system, and know that as with any system, all parts are interrelated. I love to analyze these connections, organize them into a simple form, and constantly upgrade everything to make it more effective. Slacklining, ecstatic dancing, and meditation help me stay focused.