Monthly Theme Updates Report

In February we’ve updated 5 of our themes and made altogether 11 releases. Let’s briefly go through all the updates we’ve made.


We’ve updated our oldest WordPress theme, HairPress, to v4.8.5. It was a minor fix. Roy from Netherlands pointed out that the Facebook widget was acting strangely on iPad and other tablets, so we fixed it.


Our watersports Shaka theme was updated to v1.6.0. Among other things, we’ve included the latest FontAwesome icons, so you can use some new icons there. Also, you can now add your custom captions to the image galleries in the events. There was a bigger WPML update as well and we made sure that the language switcher still looks great!


A theme for lawyers LegalPress received 3 updates in February. We’ve added the 13 translations to most popular world languages, updated FontAwesome icons, and switched the underlying templating engine for the ProteusWidgets. This may sound scary, but you don’t have to worry about it. The widgets will continue to work for you, they will only work even faster now.


Adrenaline is our popular theme for the adventurous people and businesses!

Voilà, 3 new updates in February and huge ones:

  • We added compatibility with WooCommerce Appointments plugin, which is truly great. It’s used for the Bookings, check the demo.
  • We made Adrenaline our first officially compatible WPML theme. Although all our themes worked flawlessly with a WPML before, now they’ve also officially approved it.
  • We’ve changed the orientation of the slider controls and captions by 180 degrees. Small details, but much better user experience.
  • We improved the WooCommerce variable product appearance, which is especially important for the Gift Card feature.
  • We improved support for videos in the theme slider.
  • Overall, lots of smaller performance improvements. If you check the Adrenaline demo now in GTMetrix, it already has a score of 85+. We want to get to 90+ and we will.


We’ve also made 2 releases of our ConsultPress theme for consulting businesses and individuals. Max from Montenegro proposed that the person profile widget should have an option to link to any URL. So, this is what we’ve added along with some additional performance and UX improvements. Feel free to check them out in the changelog!

Another important thing is that we’ve also started rolling out updates of all our themes with the automatic updates and improved customer user experience. Adrenaline is the first theme with this new experience, but we will be progressively updating all our themes in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned, we have lots of goodies ready for you!

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